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A picture of a a thermometer where the bulb is a globe.

Why the Kestrel 5400 Occasionally Gives Higher Readings Than the Zelus WBGT System

Multiple independent studies have demonstrated that the Kestrel 5400 tends to provide WBGT readings that are high

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Wet Bulb Globe Temperature VS Heat Index

To understand the differences between wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) and heat index we need to first understand each measurement…

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man throwing water for cooling temperature and hand holding thermometer under heat weather

The Best Heat Stress Monitors That Measure Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

We know that having a good heat stress plan for athletes greatly reduces the incidence of exertional heat illness (EHI)…

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Tired young man resting after workout leaning on a chain link fence

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) What It Is and Why We Care

Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) is a calculated temperature that professionals use to determine the amount of heat stress on an…

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person holding a phone open to the Zelus system app

Welcome to the Zelus Blog Dedicated to All Things Heat Related

For my first blog post I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Scott Schultz MD.  I am a…

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